Key Highlights

DDoS attacks continue to increase, in size, frequency and sophistication, causing disruption that can leave a significant impact on the bottom line for businesses that are targeted. Even more insidiously, is the increase in ransom demands being made, with the threat of massive DDoS driven disruption and damage promised for those who do not pay.

This whitepaper discusses why it is now easier than ever for cyber criminals to launch such attacks, with relative impunity. It also provides advice on what to do if confronted with Ransom DDoS and how to effectively defend against the effects of such attacks, so you can rest easy if you happen to receive one of these demands.

  • How the DDoS threat is evolving

  • Why attacks are increasingly likely from within

  • Why smaller DDoS attacks are just as damaging

  • How to defend against a ransom DDoS attack

  • Legal parameters on stopping DDoS attacks